The Stefano Guindani photo-agency was founded in 1998 by Stefano Guindani.  Through his collaboration with a group of talented photographers, he brought into being an application of all of his experience in the fashion world. SGP guarantees the client complete and constant attention, clear communication, and tailor-made solutions.  A highly qualified team of professionals ensure every step of the project, from the initial planning stages to the final product. 

Following years of collaboration with Italian and international magazines and newspapers, SGPITALIA.COM has emerged as an efficient website for consulting and buying images.  We have readily available a wide section of iconographic research on trends, portraits, events, and fashion shows. 

Included in our services are high-end look book and catalogue production, still life, and advertising campaigns.  We have a wide range of outdoor locations and a studio located right next to our offices.  Editing is always available, upon request; our high-quality digital retouching studio works everyday to fine-tune all images with the perfect final touch.  SGP is always happy to offer new and cutting edge ideas to its clients, thanks to our graphic design team.  They deal with the layouts of catalogues and books, applying their creativity to satisfy each and every client’s wishes.  We also supply another important service: video production, such as adv videos to promote a business, event, or a new idea; short videos, teasers for tv or internet; and video reportage. We perform this service in collaboration with reliable professionals who have been active in the video industry for years.